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Thursday, October 01, 2009


tammy t

Oh I love the Fall! We are planning of course on Stoney Ridge Farm and also a night at Remlinger Farm with a nightime corn maze, and fire pit. Also hoping for many nights of snuggling in with cocoa and popcorn around the fire and a game.

tammy t


We're going on a preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch. It's great. We ride on the hay wagon through the apple orchard and then pick out our pumpkins before heading to the barn for hot apple cider and apple crumble. Yum! This October we are also planning on:
- filling our woodshed with lots and lots of wood to get us through the cold Canadian winter
- enjoying a big (outdoor!) family Thanksgiving dinner in my mom & dad's back yard, complete with a fire for roasting marshmallows on and big thermoses full of hot chocolate
- taking many afternoon walks to crunch the leaves by the lake
- making veggie soup and chili to freeze (for those busy evenings when I just don't feel like cooking)
- shopping for Christmas presents to package up and send to our family in England and Ireland (surface mail deadline is fast approaching!)
- decorating our windows with plenty of pumpkins!

Don't you just love October?


I'll buy the pea coat! :) What size it? Love it!


Much of the same.....with a little bit of selfishness on a big new project I am embarking on. I'll have to tell you about it sometime.
The kids are darling!


We will first stop at Starbuck's for a pumpkin spice latte for Jason and I will bring a thermos of cocoa for the kids and I...and head out to Stoney Ridge. This year we are going to bring a picnic lunch...with hot soup, fresh bread and applejuice. For dessert- apples and carmel dip..followed by the tradition things a family would do at the pumpkin patch. I'm excited to put the crockpot to good use this month and teach the girls to make homemade bread, scones and rolls. We are trying to keep my mom's freezer stocked so she doesn't have to cook. We also have a rubbermaid box for fall decor and will decorate accordingly. :) It is doubtful we will attend Trunk or Treat at CTK- but we will pass out invitations with candy at the apartment complex near our house. I'm sure there is more- but this is what comes to mind. I love reading how other people celebrate!


Spend cozy afternoons at my dear friends house next door.


what is an apple party?

And I'm all about baking something with pumpkin in it.


Oh, no! Someone already claimed the pea coat :( If they end up not being interested, please email me!!

P.S. I love your list!

Cheryl Ann

Well, tee hee, my first Autumn event is always my birthday,which is October 2. This year I get to ride the train to Seattle and spend two nights with my daughter, doing girl things and reading and talking, drinking coffee and tea, exploring the city and doing a surprise she has planned for Saturday. I also love my Pumpkin Pie Spice at Starbucks and pumkin pie. BelleWood Acres is a must and I really hope to visit Stony Ridge again this year.

Steph :o)

Hoping to take some kindergartners to a Boxx's pumpkin patch on Monday. Early release, so no p.m. kindergarten. I'm thinkin' we should just all head to a pumpkin patch together! :o)


I'm in. Send me your address to cheer4soccer at gci.net
I'll be away the weekend but I will get emails and can paypal you. :)


stoney ridge farm, for sure. got it all planned for next weekend! :)



Hi girlie,

I didn't get an email. I want to send you paypal or I can mail it for the coat. Let me know. :)

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