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Friday, May 01, 2009



Ailin wanted to pick out bok choy from the grocery store for you today. What do you think? Tasty?


Let me know when you embark on item #1. Payton will come over to 'search the scene for slithering snakes'.


Because I know you want yet another comment from me. I love your new header! Just wanted to share that.


Hi! I'm back on line and FINALLY updated my blog! I was stopping by to say hi and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

kelly mccaleb

you are very cute!


We do have chore lists for the kids M-F. They help with taking the trash out, setting and clearing the table, feeding the dog, cleaning out the van, picking up dog poop, and then they are responsible for their rooms. We beat it into them that they need to do these things because they are members of this family.........BUT, they do get a small allowance so they can learn to budget, save and pay tithes to the church.
HOWEVER, I can be really bad about stepping in and just getting it down for the sake of time...which I shouldn't do!


Yay...I'm so excited to hear that you're filling up your Etsy shop again :o)! I look every time I'm on there, and although you know I LOVE your two little owl items :o), I can't wait to see what else you create for me! Ha ha. Love you friend! Christine


here goes my MAy/ June list
-start my 4 year old in swimming classes stated tomorrow
-make cupcakes and baklava for field day for my oldest daughters school
- bake 5 doz dinosaur cookies for my daughters dinosaur program
- figure out if i can homeschool my 4 year old next year.
- take the kids to a hiking trail with a wonderful water fall at the end
-help with end of the year picnic for school
- see if I can make it one more day with out wheat or any other of my crazy food allergies
- get my art studio set up
- go to a NKOTB concert in DC with my sisters

oh what sewing machine do you have? mine is a 15 year old brother that died on me and I am looking for a cheap good one
thanks love your blog!


First, let me say I love it when you do the list posts of great things to do with links. My favorite! Second, I have a great recipe that you will love and I posted it on my blog thinking of you. Go check it out. I promise you will love it! All natural vegetables, no junk. Swear you will love it. Now, I need to make a list too! :)

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