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Sunday, August 17, 2008


tamara dunkin

i, too, was a HUGE fan of this project when i was a kid... LOVED IT!! did you know a fun alternative around Christmas time is to take a wire coat hanger, bend it into a circle, cut strips of tissue paper and "twist tie" them around the wire.... you end up with a tissue wreath! i made one in 3rd grade and my mom had it as a Christmas decoration for a LONG time!


Thanks for reminding me about one of my all-time favorite kinder crafts. My 6 year old daughter is going to love this. And I love the idea the other commenter had about the Christmas wreath, though I would love to see what she means by twist-tying.


Every can use a little rainbow in their day. Love the post!

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thank you thank you thank you, that's all i can say :)
You make me happy :-)


I just had them paint the rainbow pattern last week and was looking to do a follow-up in another way. This is perfect! Thanks a lot!

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