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Friday, July 04, 2008



Mady, you are such a gifted and talented writer! And endlessly patient and creative with your little sister and (sometimes) your brother. :) You amaze me every day. I am so proud of the 13 year old that you are. I love you very much. xoxo


Mady, thank you so much for sharing this lovely idea! I want to try it with Audrey, but I am not sure if she has the patience for it yet :) But I will definitely be printing this out and saving it for next summer or spring! Oh, and happy birthday!

auntie druann

Mady that is awesome! Good job on your first blog and congratulations on becoming a teenager! Yay! You haven't received a birthday card from me yet but one is on the way. I love the way you take care of your little sister, and your brother too, even though it's harder with him. I can't wait to see you in August! Keep on blogging, maybe start your own so we can keep up with the Life of a 13 Year Old...Love, Auntie Druann


You are one impressive 13 year old! You write very well! I hope my daughter will be as wonderful as you when she's a teenager.:) Have a great summer!

Shari Walsh

A teenager? Wow! Great blogging! I am new at this too. Sure is fun, huh? I am quite impressed by your writing skills; no doubt you are your mother's daughter. :) What a precious blessing you are to her. I love to see young people, such as yourself, who are so happy and full of life. God bless you and keep up the good writing!


wow it's sooo cool that girls your age are stil into that!!! i'm under 10 years old and i love fairies! and what im about to tell youis a promised NO JOKE!! one time when i was in my hometown i left a fairy note on my windowsile it took five 1/2 days but i acually got a letter back!!! and i knew it was not a family member nor friend that did because none of them can wright that small or that beutiful!! please belive me it's the truth thanks again!


That was really nice info.

Michael Wong

Ms Ellars,
I'm an artist in San Francisco and I will be leading a fairy house building group next week and have been googling info on Fairy Houses. Your blog has had some of the best ideas I've seen yet.
Great Job.
Michael Wong.

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Mady, you mentioned that this is wonderful for older more patient kids as well. I am here to tell you that you are absolutely correct. I am a 63 year young man that loves making Fairy houses as well as any young kid does. And as for Fairies, well, I believe, I believe, I believe. I also believe that you are a sweetheart and please don't ever grow old. Life is too short to be old!

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