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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Cheryl Ann Hill

OK, now I'm consumed with curiosty. What surprise? Did it come?


me too! :)


A little surprise? Did it happen? Will you tell us what it is? Love, Auntie


you have me very curious? what kind of surprise? -- e :)


So the surprise didn't work out yesterday. Diappointing, but maybe soon it will. It's probably not as exciting as you all are thinking! I can't say yet, though. :)


Dearest ((Shawn)) I came by with the girls the other day, and we all broke out in huge grins! Then I haven't felt very well the past few days, and have been poking along, so finally....here I am, back :o)Shawn, you can't imagine what a huge blessing you are to me. It could only be sweeter, if I could actually meet you nose-to-nose, in real life--and, Lord willing, maybe one day I will have that privilege. I can hope so. You're a sensitive, kind, caring, beautiful sister, and I treasure the loving gift from God, of you. Thank-you for letting Him live and love through you--truly. I know I am only one of very many that are immeasurably blessed that it's so.
Lovingly, Jewels

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