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my main summer goal is just enjoy our new place by exploring & adventuring around the area, but i do have some more specific goals including... going on a hike &/or visit the desert, get my nose re-pierced because i miss it so much, create a hand out spot on my patio(this one is mostly finished), go see harry potter, & go out to eat at the sushi/tapas bar that ran works at.

good luck with your own goals... im real interested in #1 since i am now a stay @ home wife. also my mother in law is a crazy jam maker... ill ask her if she has any secrets.

renee @ FIMBY

I have never, ever successfully prepared supper in the morning on a regular basis, and I have tried. May the force be with you!


Stephanie- great goals! I'll share soon my ideas for a home management binder. I need better menu planning, bill records and budgeting, calendars, schedules, all that stuff. How great for you to be a stay home wife!! Your pierced nose was really cute, you should do it!


Renee: those are fighting words!! I love a challenge, ha ha.

tamara dunkin

my very realistic summer goals (insert cough and "ahems" here):

1. create packing list(s) for massive, cross-country road trip
2. make final purchases for said massive, cross-country road trip
3. finish creating scrapbook on the road for the massive, cross-country road trip
4. be kind, loving, gentle, tender and patient with my 3 children while doing the above things
5. prepare well-balanced meals for my family while doing the above 4 items
6. leave on saturday morning (early) for the first portion of our cross-country and back road trip
7. stop obsessing over houses!
8. find a home, make an offer, move in
9. have at least HALF of the items needed for the fall craft shows completed by the end of August (this should probably be at least 200 items "to do")
10. create a list of what i WILL make and what i would LIKE to make for the fall craft shows (this should probably come BEFORE item #9)
11. be more strict with the grocery budget - find a way to "make it work"
12. it's the summer... breathe deeply. play outside. love the sun. the fresh air. our friends. our families. and ENJOY!

how's that for you?!
(our massive cross-country road trip takes us from home to Montana, South Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, back to Ohio, to Idaho and back home.... all in three weeks!


And we have Tamara in the lead with 12 gigantic goals that seem more like 50 to me! I am tired already! Cross country with babies?! It'll be fun, I am sure. Have a safe trip Tam!


It's great to see you blogging more again. I'll be back with my list. ;)


Hi pretty lady,
Cheerforsoccer at gmail.com



I am slowly building up an herb garden and working on continually 'greening' our yard- that is my number one summer goal. I am also pushing my 15 year old to go get his learner's driver's license so he can start practicing :)

Chantel M

1. Train for my first 1/2 marathon.
2. Spend time with God each day whether it's in the Word or Prayer!
3. Prepare for my husband before he comes home from work - living room picked up, table cleared, counters cleared, and beverage waiting for him. Plus dinner in the works.
4. Call or Meet up with one friend each week. Facebook/email doesn't count for this goal.
5. Camping with at least 1 new place.
6. Date nights on the calendar.
7. Schedule playdates for each of my kids.
8. Take kids to beach to go swimming.
9. Visit Jetty Island with dear friends!
10. Hiking
11. Campfire nights as family and friends.
12. Vacation bible school
13. swim lessons
14. Summer camps: Fircreek, Racquetball, Cheer
15. UPick berries with kids
16. Scrapbook each child's school years. (I have a separate scrapbook for each of them for school)
17. Mariners Game
18. Zoo (Sadly, my kids have never been!!!)
19. Waterskiing and innertubing FUN
20. Yardwork so we can put bark down and ponder a garden for next year since we've missed it this year.
21. Clean out garage so at least 1 car can be parked in there.
22. Decorate the kids' rooms.
23. Declutter and get a plan for basement to be functional to max.
24. One on one dates with each child.
25. Walk through Mini Woman book with Maliah.
26. Time in the Word with kids!
27. Get free slurpees on 7-11.
28. When kids ask me to do something, embrace this season and go do it whether it's a to do item or to go play. They are only this little for so long!
29. Go to bed when Brian goes to bed vs staying up on computer.
30. Finish 2010 Shutterfly family book.
31. Do Hawaii 2011 Shutterfly book.
32. Print and hang up pictures on walls.
33. Decide when to have family pictures done!
34. Drink more glasses of water each day.
35. No dessert after 8pm.
36. Clean, and slice vegetables when home from the store so they are ready to eat at any moment.
37. Kitchen Table decor with the seasons or holiday..thematic!

Okay, I'll stop now. I decided to do the same number as my age. =)

Love reading the lists too. Hope you have some reading time in the next month to read the Me Project Book. 50 goals in 50 years. So much fun!!!!!!

Love ya!!!


Last summer we were living our dream: serving God as full-time staff at a summer camp. My husband was the program director and I was assisting his efforts in managing the kids/home and mentoring some amazing female leadership staff. We experienced the awesomeness of true community seeking and serving God together.

But as the summer wore on, it became clearer and clearer that God was asking us to move on from this place. And we followed that call, most reluctantly, and our now serving him in a totally different kind of ministry. But we miss camp tremendously. I miss the daily routine of meals in the dining hall and afternoon swims. I miss the girls who would pour their hearts out while sitting on my couch. I miss the smiles my kiddos would get seeing their friends every day, the staff members who would go out of their way to love my kids.

So my goal this summer is to count my blessings, stay grounded in the reality that THIS is where God has me, and not look back too much.

And actually enjoy having my husband around more!

(I know this isn't a big ole list like you asked for, but is really the only goal I can manage right now! :)

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