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Renee Bergeron

Looks like fun! I hate "stuff" for all the reasons you mentioned. One more reason to love my Kindle! I'm going to download his book, then I'm on board w/ you :)


Good luck Shawn! I'm ready the book "Organized Simplicity" right now, which you might enjoy too.

I love the quote, "Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like" Will Rogers


me & ran are currently in the process of eliminating much of our stuff due to a downsize in the near future. it feels so good. i appreciate the things i have more & they are each owed the "respect" they deserve by not being crowded by 5 other things. good luck shawn... it gets easy the more you do it!

Chrystie DeSmet

LOL! This is SOOOO my hubby! The funny thing is he's been talking about this forever, but especially lately! Never heard of the book, but he was reading this w/me & eating up every work & agreeing, ha ha! His fave line lately seams to be "I wish we could just burn everything, so there wasn't SO much stuff"! He's always been organized & pretty good about purging, I think I may have come from my pack rat self to surpassing him in the purging catagory! We have really been working on this the past 2 years, but have recently over the fall REALLY kicked it up a knotch! Purging feels SO good! He seams to be adicted to it! He's liking this & in own way, I'd say we're doing the challenge as well! :) Go girl! :)


Kendall sent me this news article awhile back. I wonder if it was a hint....haha!


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How's this going?

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Lets be honest, men probably could live with only 100 things and be happy, maybe it's genetics, they dont hoard or have sentiment, however women and children are a little more in need of stuff. Anyone with children would find this very difficult. I think simply giving anything to charity you havent used or worn in 6 months is a good place to start but anything with sentiment, photo's, cards, books, jewlary, pictures made by kids there's no way you could just get rid of them.

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