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renee @ FIMBY

Thank you Shawn for taking the time to put this together.

Many of these diagnosis points involve spelling. I've never made Laurent spell anything because spelling before reading just doesn't make sense to me. So it's really hard to diagnose on those points but some of the others match up.

And did you mean to write this: "Any poor (spelers) in your family that instantly come to mind?" If so, very, very clever.


Good Morning Shawn,

Yes...thank you for this great post. I am always so encouraged when I read one of your homeschooling posts. I enjoy seeing the dedication and love just flow from you into your children as you school and mother them. You are doing a fantastic job, and I commend your mother's intuition in diagnosing Jenson!

Love and blessings,


I also diagnosed my child with dyslexia. Your article was wonderful to read. It is reassuring to be reminded that I am not the only one out there. Also, I never thought of defining "challenging books" the way you did before. That was like a lightbult moment for me! Some things that I thought were inconsistencies have just now been explained. Thank you!

Jeri Graybill

Great post. Reading Horizons also offers free help with diagnosing dyslexia. There's an assessment and much research information. (See http://athome.readinghorizons.com/assessments/dyslexic-assessment.aspx)


Thank you for this. It confirmed my suspicions for my daughter. Thank you, thank you!

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