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Love, Love. Love all the pictures! I would love to hear if you enjoy the 365 project. I have been doing it since February at www.amongstfriendstoday.blogspot.com with 2 friends. My best freind and I started it together and another friend joined in quickly. I LOVE doing it and think it will be a beautiful journal for my kids someday. The other two struggle a bit. It's hard to convince yourself that every picture doesn't need to be an art worthy pic. (Unless that is what you are looking for of course) Anyway, I am anxious to hear how it goes. Will you post your pics? Happy New Year to the whole wonderful family! :)


You must invest yourself in a pair of Bogs! They are thee best all-weather boots. We each have a pair and we all love them.

Auntie Druann

Love your pictures! I remember you perfectly at age 5 with your bell bottoms and training wheels :)

I love the walk around Lake Padden. When I was pregnant with Sophia I did it everyday, or as often as I could. The dogs always wanted to chase geese.


Fun times, Shawn! I laughed at Keston's Nature girl/pooping in the woods fun, as I so remember her big sis doing the same thing a time or two!

Like all the Golden Anniversary shots, also. And the ducks in mid-air are very cool. We also walked around a lake on New Year's day! Great minds, you know! :)

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This is bad so see. Killing birds is not so good activity to celebrate a new year. All other photos are looking good.

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