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What did you do to my girl ...she grew again! As I mentioned, this was a HUGE trip for Kenz away from home, but one she'll fondly remember for a lifetime. Uh, well, or at least until her next visit. Then that will supersede the first visit, and so on. Thanks for taking such great care of her and especially finding that ticking half bottle chocolate milk bomb before it made it back here. Whew. Big hug ...Love DAD

I think I see see a great B&W photo op here. The many faces of Jensen series. Do it now before he's too cool to pose and you have to threaten him with a bayberry bush branch for desired results.

Auntie Druann

Love it!


We heard the giggle Olympics outside, can't believe they didn't freeze. All we could figure was they were having tons of fun whatever they were doing.


this is so cute! it looks like they are having a ton of fun, just the way it should be. and getting a good education, of course! i love the picture of them right after coming in from the trampoline. i notice that keston is doing her favorite move :)

hope the last few days are as good as the first! can't wait to see you, cousin shawn!


Love the ones where they are delirious with joy after the black-of-night, freezing, trampoline adventure! So funny. I almost started giggling myself, sitting here on my warm couch!


Is the LEGO store you went to in Bellevue Square?

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