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Chantel M

M = soccer & racquetball, although now that may not happen. at least the soccer part. hopefully he can jump into rball soon and catch some tournaments. he so loves rball!!! mal = swim lessons and art classes. J = soccer. We haven't discussed Awanas yet although I'm sure mal & J will be there. Love to ck out a pilates and yoga class with you. want to try out a jazzercise class with me? and of course, rball with you is in my plan for this fall!!!!

Love reading about your homeschool adventure. You do such a great job Shawn!!! Your kids are blessed!!! And I am too as I call you friend!!!!

love, C


I love reading all your plans for this next year! Would love to pick your brain one of these days about Kindergarten-ish stuff and your experience with the parent partnership. Should I just send an email with my questions or give you a call one night? I know you are super busy! :) I love and miss you, sweet friend!


Hey there! Well this is our first year of HS. My youngest is 5 and will be starting K. It is hard to find her books to start with. I showed her some K work and she gave me a look, like this is too easy. So I am using the Spectrum books for K and 1st. I found a few books at library I like, one being "the ordinary parents guide to teaching reading" I am going to focus on her reading and writing.

My oldest will be starting 2nd but was held back when she started private school. She would be on grade level if she was still in public school. I was going to start 2nd and see how she does and then maybe after xmas do some 3rd. Also using spectrum books for her as well. Spelling, MAth, Language Arts.

I can afford other activities since we don't have school tuition to pay for. Both girls are taking Ballet in the fall. Our zoo has a homeschool class one day a week for 6 weeks. 2hours long for $30. We have a great art museum that I would like the girls to go and study art, maybe do some sketches.

I was thinking of doing 5 weeks of school one week off to do a unit study. One Unit we will do in the spring is study minerals and such. We then will take a trip to a mining area and mine for our own gems.

So much to do and so much fun. So much more I have planned. I am happy to have both my girls home all day with me. Very thankful my husband is supporting our HS journey. Since this is our first year I am just going to get see how we all work and flow together. :)


holy cow shawn. it made me tired just reading all that, but i bet your kids are sooo excited about it all. this is exactly what ran & i want to do when we have kids.

Auntie Debbie

Hi Shawn! Ed got a bunch of stuff from a charter school that was closing. He's excited to send it to you, so we'll get it out next week. I think you'll like to use it for the marine biology section and another science project for Jenson. I want it to be a surprise, so I'm not telling what the stuff is!
Love Auntie Debbie and Ed.

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