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It's a happy day for sure sweet lady. Now that I understand the reference in the blog name, it makes it so much sweeter.

We believe in living every day as though it may be your last and being grateful for each day's gifts, whatever they may be. What you've written reminds everyone of that very thing.

Your story is special as is most everyone's but it was so nice to read it, understand and get to know how special you are just a little more.

So very happy for your fabulous diagnosis! :)

renee @ FIMBY

I am going to come back and read this post more thoroughly later but I'll just say this. You are not breaking the rules. (so please do link up with today's linky if you are so inclined).

I see a bouquet in your post. That's all you gotta do. Doesn't have to be your own, could be from the market whatever. The point of Friday's Flowers is to enjoy, indoors and out, summer's blossoms.

Lots of people take photos of flowers outdoors. I wanted to focus on bringing the beauty inside and/or sharing it with others in bouquets. That's all.

I will be back to read the rest which seems pretty heavy and I can't give it my full attention right now.

Misha@ beauty and joy

Shawn - So happy for your beautiful news! That is wonderful!


So very happy for you and your family! :) Good for you for being so aware of your health too! Miss seeing you and I still have that dish....:) E


Wow, this is my first time visiting your blog and your post was very touching. Congratulations and may you continue to have good health. Lovely flowers, too. :-)

Sense of Home

Oh my, what a scare indeed. I'm glad you got happy news. And beautiful flowers for a beautiful day.


So very happy, and relieved! I love you!

marcia @child in harmony

I'm stopping by for the first time today... and what wonderful news. Congrats to you!

Here's to a long, joy-filled, beautiful life with the knowledge that each day IS indeed a gift!
Love the meaningful blog name

happy day !

Melanie but you can call me Mel

Glad to hear that everything is ok and you are getting beautiful flowers in celebration.
I love the meaningful name of your blog too, it's really rewarding to be reminded that every day is a gift...
Enjoy your weekend and celebrate life.



you're amazing! so glad everything is ok.
hugs to one of the sweetest and most awesome people i've ever met.


Indeed what a happy day, it deserved flowers and a celebration! So sorry to read about your difficult history of illness, hugs.

Puma Shoes

I like your writing style. I'll definitely come back later. I'm about to bookmark your site now.


My dear Shawn...what a sweet post....now you are making me cry! I am praising the Lord for you, your watchful eye and this beautiful end to a difficult day! Love to you girl...Chessa


Wow! Congratulations on being cancer free. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life and courage!!!


Wish I knew you in person. You seem like such a strong woman. Now I see why. Thanks for sharing your story.

renee @ FIMBY

That was a wonderful story and I'm so glad I finally took the time to read it. I'm SO Happy for your diagnosis and peace of mind.

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