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I am so stealing that beer hunt idea. For years, I've been saying that when the kids are grown I am going to start holding a adult egg hunt. No time like the present I say. HA. Can't wait to see the pictures and hear the -rest of the story! :) Oh yeah, almost forgot, can Mady come do some family photos for me? Please!


Man, I forgot, feel better soon!

renee @ FIMBY

hope you all feel better soon. I enjoyed your humorous story.

Misha@ ~beautyandjoy~

Oh no. Poop. (Although I absolutely love hearing the grown up hunt idea - I am so going to be starting up that tradition in your honour. Does it count if I hide bottles of french wine, too? For me? :) )

It's hit here, too. So far just Lionel and I with me being the one on the couch. (Although we had to take L. in the the Dr unrelatedly...have to ask you something about that.) I was so wanting to bring you a care package of popsicles and mints and... and now my care will be given to you by staying the heck away in case this is a different bug.

Thinking of you every day!

Chrystie DeSmet

Wow! Sorry to hear you guys were SO sick!!!

We had a rough Spring break too! Sickness going around, my Grandma died, funneral stuff, a busy Easter at our house, soccer.... It's been an intersting mix!

I wondered where you guys were on Wed. Glad you had a good Easter! Get better & look forward to seeing you Mon! Monday is comming WAY 2 soon! :(

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