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renee @ FIMBY

Love it. Do your kids actually sit in that chair to read? My kids prefer to sprawl every which way and make a mess of what I like to be tidy corners.

daffodil lane

Renee, I sit there while reading to them at night, as it's outside each of their bedroom doors. Of course they don't keep it tidy! ha.


A.I am seriously disappointed in your cheap chair. I'm doubting it's from Diggs?? :)

B. Of course the FIRST thing I gasped about was the lamp shade and then was so proud to see the details. Now both our polka dot shades are from there. :)

daffodil lane

Misha, you're on to me. I didn't get a chair from Digs. Next time, for sure, an Eames! I know MP3 would love to pay for that. Sadly, it is only an extra chair to my dining table. I get no credit for a cute piilow?
And PS- Have you seen the Liberty of London stuff at Target. I have dreamt of the lamp for two nights, not even joking. If they had a soft Liberty chair I would probably cave.

Chrystie DeSmet

I love that you sit between their rooms & read to them all, what a great memory you're making for them! So special! Now that I see the spot I can really picture it! :) What a good mommy you are! :)

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